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    hello!my name is jingjing.i am a pupil.i like english very much.i go to school five days every week.every day i go to school by car.because my school is not near my home.i like my school.there are about 2000 students and 44 teachers in my school.and i study grade 6.there are 62 students in my class.my english teacher is short .i love her very much. welcome to my school.you must be very happy.

    i am .......

    i am a girl/boy.my name is jiajia.i am a pupil in shenyang.i like english very much,and i like singing,too.i go to school five days every week. my school is not far from my home,and it is a nice school.there are 100 teachers and 1000 students in my school.there are 25 classes in my school.my chinese teacher is tall, my english teacher is tall,too.i love them a lot.welcome to my school.

    十二生肖的故事 阿郎的故事主题曲 光阴的故事歌词 my 早教故事

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