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    高考英语满分作文-Writing Violence and Romances on TV

    发布时间:2020-09-15 10:03

    高考英语满分作文:Writing Violence and Romances on TV写一篇题目为Writing Violence and Romances on TV的英语作文春天的故事,要求:





    There are many violences and romances on television today, you can find them in almost every channel. This phenomenon is caused by the TV stations want to get higher audience rating, therefore, they tend to use scenes which can exite the audience, violence and romance have this kind of characteristic, that can attract more people to watch their channel. I think that the violences and romances on TV might have very bad affection at teenagers, they might act like the ones do on TV, this may increase crimes. The drive of interest contributes to more and more firms and companies producing these kind of stuffs, and in a market economy, no one has the right to stop them, therefore, there are still so many these stuffs on TV.

    糖果屋的故事 孟母三迁的故事 the 春天的故事

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